Ice Flow is the second level of World 4 in Paper Mario Sticker Star. Immediately upon entering this level, there is a large frozen icy river. To traverse it you have to dodge the Cooligans sliding down it towards you. Occasionally coins may slide down too. Occasionally, a curling stone will slide down. It must be picked up to get it, otherwise it will slide by and restart at the beginning of the slide. There are mini caverns that can be used as shelter along the path if needed. At the end of the icy path there is a cave entrance to progress.

The inside of the cave is full of enemies including Shiny Goombas and Ice Bros. There are a few icy spike pits here to also avoid. Traversing upwards through this cave leads to the exit at the top of a frozen waterfall. Exiting here leads to another icy path to traverse. This one is relatively similar to the first. Occasionally a Cat-o-luck can slide down instead of the curling stone. On the mountains at the edge of this slide, there is an HP-Up heart to collect guarded by a snow spike. There is also a heart block here. Heading to the cave at the end of this slide leads to a mountainous area.

This area again has many enemies to avoid including Ice Bros and Shiny Goombas. Heading upwards and then all the way left leads to a row of four tree stumps. These can be used to upgrade stickers or exchange them for different ones by placing stickers directly above them. Heading all the way to the top of this area leads to the sticker comet piece to exit the level.

Stickers and Things Found Edit

Stickers: Shiny Jump, Shiny Iron Jump, Flashy Line Jump, Burnhammer, Chillhammer, Shiny Hammer, Shiny Slaphammer, Flashy Slaphammer Shiny Hopslipper, Shiny Spikehelmet, Shiny Leaf, Door

Things: Curling Stone, Cat-o-luck

Secret Door: Located in the first icy cave, contains the Hair Dryer.

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