Infinite Love is a romance/ love story written by PegasusMan. It is the first book of the Infinite Love series. There is a total of 15 individual chapters in it.

Summary Edit

Contains spoilers!  Read at your own risk.

Infinite Love takes place after the events of Super Paper Mario. When Lady Timpani awakes, she doesn't remember much, except for the name Blumiere. She sees a man and runs to him. They reunite and get their memories back from a Cure Apple, a special and rare apple from the Cure Tree.

Meanwhile, the Mario Bros., Princess Peach, Bowser, O'Chunks, Mimi, and Nastasia are instructed by Merlon to find two missing pages of the Light Prognostics.

Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere explore a place called Dockside, which turns out to be much like Flipside and Flopside. They are taken prisoner on accident by a man named Henry Hackman. When Henry realizes what he has done is wrong, he lets Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere loose, apologizing in the process.

The heroes back at Flipside find the two missing pages, and Merlon reads them. It gives clues to where to find Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere. The heroes disperse on a mission to find the couple somewhere in the universe.

Over next few weeks, Lady Timpani becomes pregnant, and the heroes keep searching for them. After three weeks of being pregnant, Lady Timpani gives birth to twins, one girl and one boy. Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere name the baby girl Eleanor, with the nickname of Ellie. And the baby boy's name is Gaz, with the nickname of Gazzy. Lord Blumiere also also asks Lady Timpani to marry him, which she excepts without reluctance.

Mario visits Toad Town, in search of some advice for looking for Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere. Tayce T. tells Mario that no one in Toad Town has seen either of them. Mario leaves, then returns to Castle Bleck with Luigi and Mimi. They investigate a strange gravitational pull coming from a place in the castle. Mario flips into 3D, and gets sucked into the gravitational pull, now a wormhole. Luigi and Mimi lose Mario, having no idea where he went.

Mario lands on a bed in Minga's in, located in Dockside. After a short conversation, Minga tells Mario that she has seen Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere a few weeks prior to his visit. Mario leaves to the Meadow, where Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere live.

When Mario reaches the couple, they return to Flipside and reunite with their friends. Lady Timpani reminds Lord Blumiere that they can get married, and Blumiere starts to plan it. When the preparations are made, the wedding follows. Merlon announces them husband and wife, but suddenly, two figures appear in the sky. They turn out to be Dimentio and Dimentia, whom are brother and sister. Dimentio captures Lord Blumiere through a mini-void of his creation. Luigi escorts a weeping Lady Timpani and her twins to her new house in Flipside. All the heroes except for Luigi start a new search for Lord Blumiere and Dimentio, where ever they may hide.

Main Characters Edit

  • Lady Timpani - She was previously a Pixl named Tippi, who followed the heroes of light during their adventure to stop the evil Count Bleck. Lady Timpani's love interest is Lord Blumiere, who was previously Count Bleck. She has two children: a girl named Eleanor and a boy named Gaz.
  • Lord Blumiere - He was previously an evil man named Count Bleck, who tried to destroy existence because he couldn't be reunited with the woman he loved. Lord Blumiere's love interest is Lady Timpani. He has two children: a girl named Eleanor and a boy named Gaz.
  • Eleanor - Her nickname is "Ellie." She is the oldest of Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere's children, her twin being Gaz. She has light brown hair with hazel eyes. Eleanor was easily taught how to walk by Lady Timpani.
  • Gaz - His nickname is "Gazzy." He is the youngest of Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere's children, his twin being Eleanor. He has black hair with grassy green eyes. Lord Blumiere had some trouble in teaching Gaz how to walk.
  • Mario - One of the heroes of light. He finds Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere in the Meadow by Dockside. He has a younger brother named Luigi. Mario's love interest is Princess Peach.
  • Luigi - One of the heroes of light. He has an older brother named Mario.
  • Princess Peach - One of the heroes of light. She helps look for Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere in her own kingdom,the Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach's love interest is Mario.
  • Bowser - One of the heroes of light. He helps look for Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere in his own kingdom. Bowser's love interest is Princess Peach.
  • Nastasia - One of the heroes of light. She was previously Count Bleck's assistant, but after Bleck's fall, she became good. Her love interest is Lord Blumiere.
  • O'Chunks - One of the heroes of light. He is a tall, muscular man that is very impatient. O'Chunk's love interest is Nastasia.
  • Mimi - One of the heroes of light. She helps Luigi find the mysterious gravitational pull at Castle Bleck, where Mario is sucked into.

Secondary Characters Edit

  • Merlon - A descendant of the ancients who created Flipside and Flopside. He helps direct the heroes of light in the right direction to find Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere.
  • Dimentio - Previously one of Count Bleck's minions, who turned out to be a traitor. After being defeated, Dimentia, his younger sister, revived him. He captured Lord Blumiere and intends to cause him a lot of pain.
  • Dimentia - Dimentio's younger sister. She has a healing shop in Dockside called "Dimentia's Place." When Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere came there to ask for help on Lady Timpani's sting, Dimentia tricks them by giving Lady Timpani a substance that would make it worse.
  • Henry Hackman - He has a shop in Dockside called "Henry Hackman's Healing." Henry took Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere, since they didn't say why they were in Dockside. After clearing things up, Henry forgives the couple for what he did to them. Later on, when Lady Timpani's sting has gotten much worse by Dimentia, Henry gives Lady Timpani the antidote and it makes the sting completely go away.
  • Minga - A sister of Tinga and Inga. Tinga is the oldest, then Minga, then Inga. She tells Mario that she's seen Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere before and sends him out in the direction she believes they went.

Locations Edit

  • Flipside - A place where eight Dimensional Doors lead to spots where a Pure Heart was being held. It is a place stuck in between dimensions. Later on, Lady Timpani is given a house in Flipside to live in.
  • Flopside - The opposite of Flipside.
  • Dockside - A place much like Flipside and Flopside. There are many ships that stop here, thus giving ti the name "Dockside." Henry Hackman and Dimentia live here.
  • The Meadow - Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere wake up here and realize that they don't remember anything about their past. It is a large, grassy area that seems to go on forever. The Meadow has the one and only Cure Tree in the universe; it's apples can cure anything. It has a shallow lake, where Lady Timpani and Lord Blumiere bathe in. The Meadow is home to the couple for many weeks until Mario brings them to Flipside.

Chapters Edit

There are a total of 15 chapters in Infinite Love. They are listed below along with the title.

  1. Chapter 1 - Awakening
  2. Chapter 2 - The Heroes
  3. Chapter 3 - Dockside
  4. Chapter 4 - The Two Missing Pages
  5. Chapter 5 - The Healer
  6. Chapter 6 - Shopping
  7. Chapter 7 - The Search Begins
  8. Chapter 8 - Unexpected Surprises
  9. Chapter 9 - Distant Searches
  10. Chapter 10 - Children
  11. Chapter 11 - The Door's Problem
  12. Chapter 12 - Minga's Tips
  13. Chapter 13 - Reuniting
  14. Chapter 14 - Merlon and Timpani
  15. Chapter 15 - The Wedding

Trivia Edit

  • The Cure Apple was meant to be much like the apples of The Overthere.

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