It has been rumored that Kamek the Magikoopa appears at least twice in Super Paper Mario. The first is in the intro sequence. The Magikoopa on the same platform as Bowser is apparently Kamek as he raised him, and does anything for Bowser without thinking. The second is in Chapter 3-1. If you jump over the red pipes and keep going you'll see a Magikoopa on a broomstick. It's rumored to be Kamek, but two broom-riding Magikoopas are found in Castle Bleck.

In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, he makes a larger appearance as a main antagonist. He makes his first appearance in World 1-4, when he battles you and you win, but then he takes the Sticker Comet Piece. He appears again in 2-2, where he is fighting you again, and turns your stickers into Flip Flops. After you win, you get the tablet piece. In World 3-3, he is seen splitting Wiggler into parts, so Mario and Kersti won't defeat Gooper Blooper. However, his plan fails in the end. He re-appears in World 4-3, where he broke the seal of the Boook of Sealing and released all the Boos. After Mario and Kersti seal them all back by defeating them, Kamek comes out of hiding and releases the Boos again, and they turn into Big Boo, who Mario must defeat. His last appearance is in Bowser's Sky Castle, where he makes clones of himself and turns Mario's stickers into Flip Flops, then, after being defeated, he vanishes.


Mario facing Kamek.

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