Not to be confused with King Croacus I.

“Trash is garbage, no matter how you dress it. This world is made for BEAUUUUUTY!”

King Croacus IV, Super Paper Mario

King Croacus IV is a chapter boss in Super Paper Mario. The flamboyant king of the Floro Sapiens, Croacus adores beauty and spends most of his time brainwashing Cragnons to rebuild his castle full of jewels. He is also the possessor of the sixth Pure Heart. He was the regent for King Croacus III until he came of age, and when the young ruler wilted, Croacus IV, popular due to his stabilizing influence, was appointed King. He doesn't care for fighting, but when Mario, Peach, and Bowser enter his chambers, he decides to destroy them.

After he is eventually defeated, it is revealed that the Cragnons were polluting the waters that the Floro Sapiens drank from, and that King Croacus was trying to save his people by mind-controlling the Cragnons with Floro Sprouts. Upon witnessing the scene, Flint Cragley declares that he will show his tape to the Cragnons, ending the war between the two races.

Later, King Croacus is seen in healthy spirits and less insane than before. He jokingly threatens the heroes with another battle, but states that the waters have become less polluted while he was sleeping. He says that he hopes he can help the Cragnons in the future.