King Croacus was the title bestowed onto the ruler of the Floro Kingdom Kingdom, the exception being Queen Croacus II because she was a woman instead of a man. King Croacus IV is the only leader actually seen in-game, but there is a palace in the Floro Caverns with pictures on all four leaders. There are signs underneath each picture that says the time that they he/she ruled, what accomplishes he/she made to the Floro Kingdom and how he/she died.

King Croacus III was born as an only child under her mother, Queen Croacus II. Queen Croacus II only wanted one child because she did not want them fighting for her place to rule when she wilted. Unfortunately, King Croacus III was born with a birth defect and was sick most of the time. To make things even worse, Queen Croacus II wilted when he was only one year of age. So, at age one, King Croacus III became the ruler of the Floro Kingdom. Because of him being sickly and so young, King Croacus III appointed a regent to assist him.

Because of his regent ruling, King Croacus III had to do little work. King Croacus III spent his free time with his great talents of art and poetry, releasing a book of Floro poems, Ice Rose, at age 37. King Croacus III died at an early age of 88, possibly due to his sickness, but some believe that it was a conspiracy. It is hinted that his regent killed him secretly because he had no children and he would be the one to rule. And so it did; his regent took the throne, ending the royal family chain and becoming King Croacus IV.

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