KP Pete (a.k.a. King K) is a fighter in the Glitz Pit, and part of the fighting group the KP Koopas.


He informs the player of many things throughout the game, such as telling him/her about the new "egg hot dog" at the Hot Dog stand. He eventually decides to retire early in the Chapter he appears in, but when he was going to the office to retire, he saw Grubba's paper, so Grubba drained him. Mario later finds him unconscious with another fighter, Bandy Andy, who had also "retired" and barely conscious, under a Big Block in the Glitz Pit storage room upper floor. After Mario defeats Grubba (as Macho Grubba), the power of the Crystal Star revives King K., and he is inspired by Mario to unretire and lead The KP Koopas again.

Oddly, King K is not seen with some of the other Giltz Pit fighters cheering Mario on before the fight with the Shadow Queen; however, his voice can be heard once the battle starts.

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