King Sammer (who is really King Sammer V), is the king and relative of the 100 Sammer Guys. King Sammer is the fifth King Sammer in existance, and took over his great great grandfather's role of ruling over the Sammer’s Kingdom and guarding the seventh Pure Hearts. During the events of Super Paper Mario, Mimi impersonates King Sammer. She knocks out the real King Sammer and puts him in a closet, much like with what Beldam did to Professor Frankly in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Mimi goes to Mario looking like King Sammer and tells Mario to defeat the 100 Sammer Guys. At the 26th gate, Mimi tells Mario to open the treasure chest there to recieve the Pure Heart. But, when Mario does, it is really a bomb. The bomb explodes, but Mario survives. Mimi turns into her original form and battles Mario. After the battle, Mimi reveals that she was just stalling and waiting for The Void to destroy that world. Mimi leaves, and the Sammer Kingdom gets destroyed.

After the Heroes of Light beat the game, the Sammer's Kingdom gets restored. Mario has the option of going there, and can fight through the 100 Sammer Guys. If Mario manages to defeat all 100 of them, Mario can see the real King Sammer. King Sammer will congratulate Mario and give him eight rare Catch Cards. After Mario leaves, Mario cannot fight the 100 Sammer Guys again. Instead, Mario will see King Sammer, who will tell him that the other Sammer Guys are on vacation.

You get its card from a map leading to the arcade in Flipside.


  • It is said that Merlumina's younger sister met the first King Sammer to give him the seventh Pure Heart, but they fell in love. They had 100 children, which is believed to be the 100 Sammer Guys. This King Sammer in Super Paper Mario is the fifth King Sammer, and Merlumina married the first one. If this is true, that makes King Sammer V much younger than all of the Sammer Guys. It is unknown if King Sammer I and his wife had a 101th child that was to be King Sammer II or if he was part of the 100 Sammer Guys.