Kolorado is an explorer in the game Paper Mario. He loves treasure and tries to find Dry Dry Ruins, treasure at Mt. Lavalava, and the Crystal Palace in Paper Mario. Kooper mentions Kolorado as his idol. Mario finally meets Kolorado in Dry Dry Desert. Later, Mario encounters Kolorado again in Toad Town Port where he wanted to go to Lavalava Island. His wife always hates when he runs off for adventures. He adores treasures and risked his life to save the valuable treasure in Lavalava Island, which later ended up not getting it and getting scolded by Misstar. Once you find the treasure in the Deep Jungle and give it to Kolorado you get the Yellow Seed used to find the door to the next chapter. At the end of the game it shows Kooper with Kolorado and a few researchers at the ice city. Parakarry, delivers the news and Kooper runs off. Kolorado receives a message about his wife and runs home. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, his father's remains are seen at Hooktail's castle with a note attached to them. The note emphasizes how proud he is of his son, and also gives the player a crucial hint on how to defeat Hooktail.