Koopa Troopas are a common species in Paper Mario games. They have a hookbill and have all sorts of different color shells, commonly red and green. In Paper Mario, they had a village called Koopa Village, where most Koopas lived, and in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, most Koopas resided in Petalburg. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Koops the Koopa joins your party to avenge his father, who is believed dead after going off to fight Hooktail. Koops then helps you throughout the game, coming home a stronger Koopa.

There are also Green Koopas that are docile, such as the ones in Koopa Village that had their shells stolen by Fuzzies, Koopa Village is where you meet Kooper.

They also appear as enemies, albeit wearing a spiked ring around their neck and shades. While battling, a Koopa Troopa will use its Shell Toss attack to slam into Mario or his partner. If a jump attack is used against these foes, they are flipped onto their back for two turns, during which they cannot attack. This also drops their defense value to 0. These enemies are confirmed in Paper Mario Sticker Star but these Koopas appear green and without sunglasses. This could also be quite confusing because in Paper Mario: Sticker Star , there's no friendly koopas.

Types of KoopaEdit

There are quite a few types of Koopa in Paper Mario games. Below is a list of all known types.

A Shady Paratroopa


Koopa Bros.Edit



Dry BonesEdit


Notable Friendly KoopasEdit

Notable Enemy KoopasEdit


  • Enemy Koopas have sunglasses and spiked collars, while docile Koopas have neither of these.

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