Lakilulu is a female Lakitu that lives in Flower Fields. She is a kindhearted girl who is very much in love with her boyfriend, Lakilester. Though she embarrasses him often, he still loves her. Despite being so nice, when irritated, she can become vicious. This is shown when Mario first encounters her (after defeating Lakilester) - she asks him nicely to forgive Lakilester for his mistake. If Mario refuses, Lakilulu will throw a Spiny Egg at his head and yell at him. Her less-friendly side is also shown when she sends Lakilester a letter, telling him if he doesn't return to her safely, she'll hit him with a Spiny Egg. She then apologizes, however, saying that she gets angry when she is worried.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Lakilulu has characteristics similar to normal Lakitus - she is a cloud-riding Koopa with big eyes that can throw Spinies. However, many things set her apart from other Lakitus, such as her pink cloud, orange ponytail hair, and orange scarf.


  • Lakilulu is Lakilester's girlfriend.
  • Lakilulu's overprotective personality is similar to that of Koopie Koo.