Lava Bubbles are just that - bubbles of lava. They attack by touching Mario or spitting small flames at him or his partner. They're vulnerable to water and ice attacks, for obvious reasons. They have two relatives: the Ember and the Phantom Ember. In Super Paper Mario, they no longer attack, and have become an obstacle, similar to how they act in the 2D Mario games. In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Lava Bubbles make a brief appearance in Bowser's Sky Castle; during the third phase of the Bowser boss fight. They can be defeated with an Ice Thing Sticker. In Paper Mario: Color Splash, Lava Bubbles return in the Redpepper Volcano, now with an appearance similar to that of the New Super Mario Bros. series. A mini-boss also appears called the Big Lava Bubble, along with a variation of Lava Bubble called the Black Lava Bubble.