Lavalava Island is an island in Paper Mario and is the holding place for Misstar, the fifth Star Spirit. It it first reached by riding on the back of a whale across the ocean. Jade Jungle, Yoshi Village, and the volcano make up most of the level. Yoshi Cabana is the only real building on this island. Raphael the Raven and Sushie live here, and after Mario helps Sushie find 5 missing Yoshi kids, she joins him on his quest to save Princess Peach. Unfortunately, while Mario and his comrades visit the island, something is happening in the volcano. It's quite a tough journey through that lava-infested place. The boss is Lava Piranha and it's two Lava Buds. Also, the island serves as a habitat for the rare Trumpet Plant, as well as Bellbell Plants and Cymbal Bushes.

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