Lil Oinks
Li'l Oinks
are pig-like creatures in Paper Mario. Mario can buy a Li'l Oink egg with ten coins, then hatch the egg into a random Li'l Oink by hitting it with his hammer. Mario can have up to ten Li'l Oinks in his Li'l Oink pen. When he buys the 11th Li'l Oink, the first will run away leaving an item. When Mario goes inside the Li'l Oink farm all the Li'l Oinks will run away. So the player can decide to go inside to get the item and lose all other Li'l Oinks, or to not obtain the item and keep all of their Li'l Oinks. If Mario does not get the item, it quickly disappears. The item that the Li'l Oink leave behind will depend on its texture.


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