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Paper Mario Happy #
Paper Bowser

Bowser, a good example of a boss.

lava king
  • paper luigi
  • bonetail
  • bowser l
  • mr. powerful
  • cackletta
  • kamek
  • cruella l
  • Bowser ll
  • super macho man
  • mrs. mario
  • cruella ll

Count Bleck - Super Paper Mario The Actual Boss! At the 1st part he has the Chaos heart to protect him. On the 2nd, you can damage him however you want! The Shadow Queen - Paper Mario Thousand Year Door The Boss! She is total invicible, but that's all I've got to (No comment). ????? Mr. L (aka Luigi) - Super Paper Mario You're fighting your brother! How devious! He's got Brobot with him. After finding him in The Underwhere, he joins your party Bowser Jr. - Paper Mario: Sticker Star He is easy-hard, all - (No comment)

loop de looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop

  • bowser lll


  • Magnetic man
  • Shadow  the funny (bunny)
  • music man
  • megamind
  • bowser llll


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