Lucky is a brown Bulky Bob-omb that can be seen near a lottery on the west side of Rogueport, south of the Pianta Parlor in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He has set up the Happy Lucky Lottery chance game where Mario can purchase a Lottery Pick for ten coins to win prizes if the ticket's number matches up with winning number posted on the board. It's completely optional but Mario can win free items every day if he is lucky. If the player would like to get new tickets, he may for 100 Coins, replacing the old token. Lucky also gets angry if the player resets the Nintendo GameCube's/Wii's internal clock, which causes him to have to reset the lottery. If Mario admits that he set the clock off course, Lucky will get very angry, causing the screen to black out. The first time, it will just be a stern warning to never do it again and a 500 coin fine if the player would like to continue the lottery. If Mario says he doesn't know, Lucky will let it go, but the next real day, if Mario passes by, Lucky knows from the Doogan nearby that Mario lied.

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