Lumpy is a green Ratooey. Lumpy is a green Ratooey that loafs around on the east side of the Rogueport Docks. He appeared during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He wants to go to Dry Dry Desert to find oil and strike it rich. If Mario talks to Lumpy, he will ask him to give him 100 Coins so that he can begin his expedition. He can give Lumpy 100, 200, or 300 Coins total (he gives 100 Coins at a time, however). Once Mario pays Lumpy three increments of 100 Coins, Lumpy will not ask for more funds. He will leave immediately for his search for black gold. If Mario gives him 100 Coins, Lumpy will bring him back 300 Coins a few chapters later. If Mario gives him 200 coins, he will bring him back 600 Coins a few chapters later. If Mario gives him the maximum 300 coins, he will bring him back the maximum 999 coins a few chapters later. In this case, if Mario has any coins already, he will not be able to get his entire share; it would be wise for him to store Gold Bars in one of the stores. Mario can also listen to his log book's entries that he wrote when he was on his adventure.

Tattle InformationEdit

That's Lumpy, a Ratooey. His dream is to strike it rich by finding oil. Gotta admire the dedication! Guys like this make me want to chase my dreams harder! Still... When I talk to him, it seems more like he's just up for whatever, you know?

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