Macho Grubba is Grubba after transforming into this superbody, thanks to the Gold Star. When he is like this, he looks simliar to Tubba Blubba. The whole reason why he has been so buff and looking somewhat young (despite being 60 or older) is because he used the Crystal Star to suck the life out of various Glitz Pit fighters, like King K., Bandy Andy, Prince Mush, and other fighters. He usually starts attacking by increasing his defense or attack power and then later jumps on Mario or punches him him (this move can flip Koops over on his shell). Despite looking extremely powerful, he's not really that tough. He can increase his status in various ways and make himself dodgy. Some of his moves when he was younger were so deadly that they were considered "illegal". After Macho Grubba is defeated, he transforms into a subdued Grubba and Mario and his friends receive the 3rd Crystal Star, the Gold Star.

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