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Mega Jump is a Badge that is the stronger form of Power Jump. It only appears in the game Paper Mario. When used, it unlocks the technique Mega Jump in battle. The attack costs FP to be used, but if timed correctly, can do up to 12 damage against an enemy. The action command for the attack is very similiar to a regular jump: just press A right when Mario lands on the enemy.


The location of the Mega Jump badge could be tricky. The badge, itself, is found inside of a red question block(Badge Block). The block is found all of the way up on the summit of Shiver Mountain. The area is only accessible by activating a star-shaped switch which then rises many flights of crystal stairs. On one of them, a new path can be found going farther to the right. Taking this path will lead to a clubba and the block. Passing the clubba could be difficult or Mario could just fight his way through. Inside of the block is the badge.

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