Mega Jump is a Badge that is the stronger form of Power Jump. It only appears in the game Paper Mario. When used, it unlocks the technique Mega Jump in battle. The attack uses 6 FP. If timed correctly, it does 4 more damage to an enemy compared to a normal jump. The action command for the attack is very similar to a regular jump: just press A right when Mario lands on the enemy.


The location of the Mega Jump badge could be tricky. The badge, itself, is found inside of a red question block (Badge Block). The block is found all of the way up on the summit of Shiver Mountain. The area is only accessible by activating a star-shaped switch which then rises many flights of crystal stairs. On one of them, a new path can be found going farther to the right. Taking this path will lead to a clubba and the block. Passing the clubba could be difficult or Mario could just fight his way through. Inside of the block is the badge.