Merlee's Basement is the setting of Chapter 2-4 in Super Paper Mario, and as such is the final area in Chapter 2.

Chapter 2-4: The Basement Face-Off Edit

Storyline text

The mysterious handmaid Mimi disappeared in a bizarre explosion...The two solemnly made their way down, knowing there was no other path to follow.
As Mario and co. go into Merlee's basement, Merlee contacts them via a magical projection. She tells them that she is hidden in the basement and warns them of potential danger. As Mario and Peach advance through the mansion, they meet Mimi disguised as Merleewanting to bribe them so they have to work of 10,000,000 Rubees again. If Mario and Peach refuse every offer, Mimi will turn into her true form and start chasing them across the mansion. Mario and Peach eventually find Merlee hidden in a toilet, but Mimi appears and shape shifts into her. Mario and Peach then play a "That's My Merlee!" Show to pick out the fake Merlee, but no matter who they choose, Mimi gets furious and attacks them. A battle ensues, where Mario and Peach defeat Mimi and Merlee gladly gives them the Pure Heart.

Storyline text

Count Bleck's servant Mimi had laid a nasty trap for Mario and friends...With five Pure Hearts yet to be found, Mario knew this adventure had only begun...

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