is one of the Four Sages, hailing from the Tribe of Ancients. Not much is known about Merlight, and he is never seen, like Merloo and Merlimbis. The only way you can gain information about Merlight is if Tippi or Tiptron uses the Tattle ability on Merlight's stain-glass picture in Mirror Hall. Merlight is said to be very wise and have great knowledge of the worlds. Merlight used this knowledge to create Flipside, doing so without the Pixls. But, Flipside was not stable when it was first created. Merlight learned that everything must have balance, and so Merlight asked for help from the Tribe of Darkness. The chief, Blumiere's father, created Flopside to balance with Flipside.

Merlight is also the direct ancestor of Merlon. The picture of Merlight shows that Merlight has the same standing position as Merlon from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

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