The Yoshi Kid performs the Mini-Egg move

Mini-Egg is a move of the Yoshi Kid from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. This move is added to the Yoshi Kid's menu when he is upgraded to Super Rank. It is performed in a very similar way to the Earth Tremor.

To use this move, one must press the "A" button when a star lights up. Three stars can light up at one time. To conclude this move, the Yoshi Kid will throw his eggs at random enemies, which deals damage and shrinks them in progress. When the Yoshi Kid is upgraded to Ultra Rank, he is able to throw four eggs, but the damage will stay at 1 HP, even if his Attack power is increased. If Power Plus P is equipped, however, the Attack power does increase.


Mini egg is a chocolate small caburrys egg that comes in many colours

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