Mt. Lavalava is a volcano on Lavalava Island in Paper Mario, where Mario found the Star Spirit, Misstar. It is the home of the vile Lava Piranha, who guards the fifth Star Spirit, Misstar. It is also where the Ultra Hammer is found. It is the main part of the chapter as it is the location of a Star Spirit. Kolorado accompanies Mario through most of the volcano. He's not interested in searching for a Star Spirit, rather he's really coming with Mario so he can use and follow Mario to get the treasure hidden in the volcano.

Enemies FoundEdit

Area TattlesEdit

  • This is definitely the entrance to the volcano. What do you say we explore deeper inside? The scenery around here is unlike anything I've ever seen. I wish we had time to inspect it!
  • Now a lot of lava. Did you know it'd be this hot? And we have to cross here, don't we? I knew it.
  • This is a big cavern. I've heard that some volcanoes have caverns that go down for miles and miles!
  • These Fire Bars are a huge pain, aren't they, Mario? We can get by 'em. Don't worry.
  • This is a steep slope. We have to press on, but I'm getting a little tired going over over (sic) such rough road.
  • You know, if it weren't for that lava, it'd be dark in here.
  • Boy, this lava is everywhere! How are we gonna cross it?
  • Boy, we're real spelunkers, aren't we? My Goompa told me that means cave-explorer. Kind of like Kolorado! I wonder how he manages, exploring all by himself? At least we have each other.
  • This is a pit if I ever saw one. It's a big one, too. If we're not careful, we could get lost.
  • This is a really steep slope. If we dropped something here, gravity would make it roll down.
  • It's like a sea filled with lava. Welcome to the Lava Sea! Wanna swim? I'm just joking, Mario.
  • We need to go east from here. It's a good thing that it's just light enough to see.
  • This cavern is lit by the lava below, so the upper level is slightly darker.
  • It's hot, hot, scorching hot! It's like being slowly cooked from the bottom up! In hot grease! On a hot day! I can't take it anymore!
  • This place is shaking itself to pieces! This is not good!
  • The lava's overflowing... We're never gonna make it! What are we gonna do?
  • Lava has filled in the floor down there, so we can't go back down. Too bad! Well, I guess we should be moving on--with any luck to someplace a lot cooler!

Names in Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese グツグツ火山

Gutsugutsu Kazan

Simmering Volcano

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