Mt. Rugged is a location in the first Paper Mario video game, and is where Parakarry joins your party. You get there by taking by taking the K64

train in Toad Town. It is also home to a Whacka and Buzzar, an optional boss (giant vulture) that will ask Mario who he is. if you answer his question by saying Luigi, you can avoid this boss fight. If you say Princess Peach, Buzzar will figure out, it's actually Mario because Princess Peach is at Bowser's castle. If you say Mario, you will engage in the boss fight. (Because they're looking for Mario)

Not much is on Mt. Rugged, You can get items like: Star pieces, Letters, Whacka bumps, Mushrooms, Honey Syrup, Quake Hammer, Damage dodge, Sleep sheep, and Magical Seed.




Buzzy Beetle



Monty Mole


Pokey Mummy

Stone Chomp



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