The Overthere is a heaven-like place in Super Paper Mario where redeemed souls go when their game ends. It is the setting of the second half of Chapter 7, and the name of Chapter 7-4.

Mario heads to the Overthere to find the last Pure Heart. Once Mario and Co. pass the Overthere Stair, they find the Overthere, which has been invaded by monsters from The Underwhere, led by Bonechill. The Overthere is populated by Nimbis, ascended angels. In order to get to Bonechill and stop the Underwhere invasion, Mario and Co. must get help from Rebbi, Blubbi, and Yebbi. Once all three have been found, the bridge to Grambi's Palace is reconstructed. It is revealed at the end of the chapter by Grambi that Luvbi was actually the Pure Heart in a sentient form.