Heh heh... Hey, Bobbery. You wanna know what really smells suspicious? Flavio's armpit! Oy, smells like low tide! WAAAR HAR HAR HAR HAR! — Pa-Patch

Pa-Patch is one of the Bob-omb sailors seen frequently in Rogueport harbor in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. He is the toughest of the sailors there, but he is not without a caring side. Despite being a bulk looking Bob-omb, he seems to have a heavenly dislike in ghosts, as he in fact, is afraid of them. Shown when Flavio orders him to be on the look out of the S.S. Flavion. An Ember sneaks up on him by surprise which causes Pa-Patch to run in fear. He would also try to get away from a conflict as soon as possible. Seen in the prologue when Goombella is being chased down by the X-Nauts. When speaking with Pa-Patch, he tells the player to move out of the way.

In Chapter 5, Pa-Patch leaves Rogueport and joins Mario on his quest to Keelhaul Key, along with Admiral Bobbery, Four- Eyes (who is really Lord Crump in disguise), a few other sailors, and their intrepid leader, Flavio. Arguments regularly break out between him and Flavio, so Pa-Patch takes a liking to Mario instead. After Mario defeats Cortez and Lord Crump, Pa-Patch decides to stay on island with a few other sailors only to be sure that there were no ghosts left.

Pa-Patch has a unique turn-knob like Admiral Bobbery. Unlike most Bob-ombs, his turn-nob is made of bones that are tied together.



  • Due to his accent, Pa-Patch may be Scottish, Irish, or Canadian.
  • Pa-Patch's name may come from the fact that he wears an eye patch and his species is spelled Bob-omb, with the dash.

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