Mario and Goombella fight off a horde of Dry Bones.

The Palace of Shadow is the final story location in the video game Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. It is home to the final boss in the game, the Shadow Queen. Chapter 8 takes place entirely in the Palace of Shadow, but it does not contain a Crystal Star.

Only accessible through the the Thousand Year Door, the palace consists of the remains of the city destroyed by the cataclysm long ago. It is divided into three sections, each one containing a plethora of puzzles and enemies. Each section has its own remix of the Super Mario Bros. Underground Theme. The first contains a maze and several reused puzzles and enemies from earlier chapters.The second has a garden that contains the Riddle Tower and the mini boss, Gloomtail. The lower section contains unique puzzles and the Shadow Queen's chamber.

Chapter 8 contains the most mini bosses of any chapter, comprising of the Shadow Sirens, Gloomtail, Sir Grodus, and Bowser.

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