A Paragoomba is a regular Goomba with wings. They are identical in stats, with the only difference being their ability to fly, and therefore an invunerability to any ground-based attacks, such as Mario's hammer. If Mario jumps on them, they lose the wings and become regular Goombas.(If not defeated by the jump) They attack by flying into their target (a little similar to the Paratroopa,) and when on the ground, they attack like a regular Goomba would. In Super Paper Mario, the Paragoomba has one HP (excluding the first bounce to make it lose its wings) along with the Goomba making it a one hit kill.

History Edit

Paper Mario Edit

Paragoombas make an appearance in Paper Mario. They are enemies encountered early in the game, on Goomba Road. In Paper Mario, Paragoombas attack by swooping downward. They can only be damaged by being jumped on or by having an item used against them. When Mario jumps on them, they lose their wings and become regular Goombas. In all, they are almost exactly the same as normal Goombas.

Two new versions of the Paragoomba are introduced: a gloomy blue one called Paragloomba, and a hyperactive green one called Hyper Paragoomba.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Edit

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Paragoombas appear as enemies in several locations, such as Rogueport Sewers, Petal Meadows and Hooktail Castle. Just as in Paper Mario, the Paragoombas of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door are immune to attacks involving the use of a hammer, capable of only being harmed by a jump attack, item, or Crystal Star attack. One Paragoomba (who is named Paragoomba[citation needed]) plays a somewhat large role in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door's plot as the one minion who informs Bowser that Mario has collected the last Crystal Star during the Koopa King's escapade in Poshley Heights.

Super Paper Mario Edit

In Super Paper Mario, Paragoombas appear as basic enemies in Lineland, Gloam Valley, and The Bitlands. They can be defeated by such attacks as being jumped on, or by being attacked by a Pixl. Jumping on a Paragoomba causes it to automatically lose its wings. They appear in the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials in rooms 12 and 26.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Edit

Paragoombas reappear in the Nintendo 3DS game Paper Mario: Sticker Star. They appear in World 1's last level Goomba Fortress, and appear commonly in World 2. They have more HP and attack than their previous iterations. They still are not very powerful, but they can come in groups of two or three and aid Spinies, Paratroopas, Spikes, Pokeys and Swoops for extra help. Two new sub-species, the 5-Fold Paragoomba and Shiny Paragoomba, were also introduced. Their only method of attack is jumping on Mario and Paragoombas try to trick the player because if the player uses a hammer type sticker except the Hurlhammer sticker, Paragoombas jump up in air meaning Mario's attack have been dodged. Paragoombas can be beaten in the first strike without engaging in combat with them once the player has two Royal Stickers.

Shiny Paragoombas, Ninjis and the Wiggler Segments are the other enemies that can dodge Mario's attacks.

Paper Mario: Color Splash Edit

Paragoombas reappear in Paper Mario: Color Splash. They have the same appearance and behavior as they do in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. They can appear in battle after being called in by a Whistle Snifit. A Paragoomba Card also appears in the Sacred Forest.

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