Paratroopas are common enemies throughout the Paper Mario series. They resemble regular Koopa Troopas, although Paratroopas have a set of white wings on their shells. Their shell colors come in two main variants: green and red. The Paper Mario series has also introduced new color shells for them, such as light green, purple, gold, light blue and cyan.

During the Paper Mario series, Paratroopas and Koopa Troopas are seen with studded dog-collars and arm bands with horns and black sunglasses, similar to what Bowser wears, which would distinguish the difference between the friendly Koopas, who would try to aid Mario in his quest. However, in Super Paper Mario, generic Koopas designed as NPCs in the series are now seen as enemy Paratroopas loyal to Bowser, while the ones appearing with sunglasses are mindless soldiers loyal to Count Bleck

Parakarry, one of Mario's partners in Paper Mario, who also cameos in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, is an example of a Paratroopa.

In battle, a Paratroopa will attack by using the Shell Shot move against Mario or his Partner. If they successfully land an attack on Koops, he will flip over like all Koopa Troopas, causing him to lose his defense point, and be unable to move for one turn. If a jump attack is used against them, they will lose their wings and become normal Koopa Troopas.

Paratroopas are confirmed to appear in Paper Mario Sticker Star.

Notable ParatroopasEdit


  • Parakarry and the Postmaster are so far the only notable Paratroopas in the Paper Mario series and appear friendly.
  • Not all Paratroopas tend to lose their wings after being stomped on. Parakarry for example, will still keep his wings even after being stomped on by Mario. This can be seen when Lee or a Duplighost transforms into Parakarry in battle, and Mario or Goombario uses their initial move against him.
  • Oddly, they are sometimes seen carrying an HP Plus Badge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, which can be stolen from them if Ms. Mowz is present on the battlefield.

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