Pennington (or, as he calls himself, The Penguin with the Improbably Large Brain) is a Bumpty 'detective' from Poshley Heights that Mario meets, during the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Mario first meets Pennington aboard the Excess Express, where he takes Mario (who he mistakenly refers to as Luigi) under his wing as an apprentice. Pennington and Mario must solve the many mysteries that occur on the train, such as missing blankets and stolen cooking utensils. Of course, Mario solves all the mysteries with no help from Pennington, who often takes the credit for solving them and treats Mario as an amateur.

When the Excess Express arrives in Poshley Heights, Mario heads to Poshley Sanctum to find the Garnet Star. However, the sanctum curator is unavailable and the entrance is locked. Though this is to Mario's dismay, Pennington soon arrives and unlocks the door, revealing that his real profession is being the manager of the sanctum, and that being a detective is just a hobby of his.

Although he is the curator of the sanctum, he does not know where the Garnet Star is located, although he acts as if he does. The only item on display is a replica of the Garnet Star (which Pennington calls a "red herring"), probably to protect the real star from falling into the wrong hands.

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