Appearance and Inhabitants Edit

Petalburg is a peaceful village filled with flowers and found in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Koopas, Toads, and a couple of Bub-ulbs reside in the village. The mayor of the town is an older Koopa named Kroop. Petalburg is where Koops, a member of Mario's party, hails from.

Significance in the Game Edit

This village is the connecting point between Petal Meadows and the path leading to Shhwonk Fortress. Upon arriving here initially, you are unable to progress to Shhwonk Fortress as the gate is closed to passerby for safety. Once you speak with Mayor Kroop in his home, he allows the gate to be opened. Before leaving the village however, you are confronted by Koops who shyly tries to ask something before giving up. After defeating Hooktail, Mario comes back here to give a send-off to him and Koops.

The last time Mario has to come back here for the main story is when he is searching for General White. He isn't here, but Mario is told to go next to the Great Boggly Tree to look for him.