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Pixls are a species with diverse special abilities that appear in Super Paper Mario. Unlike the the partners of the first two games, these don't have HP and cannot be hit. They give the heroes special abilities, attacks, and information with which they can overcome challenges. Pixls were created by the Tribe of Ancients 3,000 years before the events of Super Paper Mario.

List of PixlsEdit

  1. Tippi
  2. Thoreau
  3. Boomer
  4. Slim
  5. Thudley
  6. Carrie
  7. Fleep
  8. Cudge
  9. Dottie

Optional PixlsEdit

  1. Barry
  2. Dashell
  3. Piccolo
  4. Tiptron (Not actually a Pixl, just Tippi's replacement after the end of the game)


  • In the BETA version of Super Paper Mario, Pixls were named Fairens.
  • In a screenshot of the game during it's developmental stages, you can see an unused Pixl that closely resembles a ladder. This Pixl is thought to allow Mario flip from 2D to 3D but it was removed because it's a function used in the game too much, though all of this is just speculation.
  • Barry is the only optional Pixl that must be seen in any playthrough at some point as he appears to warn you in Chapter 3-1.
  • Many Pixls such as Slim, Thudley, and Cudge are based on abilities Mario has in other Paper Mario Games. (i.e. Thudley = Ground-Pound)
  • Kersti a sticker fairy from Paper Mario: Sticker Star slightly resembles a Pixl.

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