Poshley Heights is a posh village that Mario travels to by riding the Excess Express to get the Garnet Star, in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is also the home of many wealthy celebrities, including Goldbob and Toodles. It also has very expensive items. Many Bumpties live here as well. Lady Bow and Bootler vacation here after Mario and company defeat the Shadow Queen.

Poshley Heights has the only inn in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door that has more than one room. (Not counting Rogueport.)


After Mario and his allies arrive there, they decide to search for the Garnet Star. When they reach Poshley Sanctum. After a few moments, Pennington comes to unlock the door to it. When Mario walks in, he sees the Shadow Sirens with Doopliss steal the fake Granet Star and break a window to get away. After investigating the painting there, Mario discovers a pipe that takes him to the real location of the Garnet Star.


  • In Goldbob's pool, there are Nibbles.
  • The player can find Lady Bow and Bootler from Paper Mario here if they have defeated the Shadow Queen.
  • The name, Poshley Heights comes from the word "Posh", meaning fashionable.
  • The L Emblem can be found here, as well as some Shine Sprites.

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