Power lift

Power Lift is an ability granted in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, when Mario defeats Macho Grubba and retrieves the Gold Star.

Button InputEdit

When selecting the ability in the fight menu, a 4x4 grid appears. In the intersection of the lines a blue arrow, red arrow, or poison mushroom appears at random. The player is then allowed to select whatever is on the grid, using a cursor. The goal of the player is to click on as many arrows as possible, while avoiding the poison mushrooms. Time is short, so the player must act quickly.

The effects of the selections are as follows:

-Red Arrow: Increases Attack

-Blue Arrow: Increases Defence

-Poison Mushroom: slows down the cursor/stops ability to select for some time.

Selecting 8 of the same kind of arrow will increase Mario and his partner's stats by one of the corresponding arrow.


Depending on how many sets of 8 arrows were selected, Mario and his partner's stats are increased. Any excess arrows that were selected are not counted.

This ability, when compounded with Power Plus and Power Bounce badges, is overkill against bosses. Also, this ability is very efficient, as a star power as powerful as this only costs a meager 4 SP in order to initiate.

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