Power Shell is an initial attack for Koopas. It can attack all ground enemies with the same attack power as Shell Toss. This move is only available to the player as normal enemy Koopa Troopas cannot perform this move. Kooper is the original owner who starts off with this ability. Though, as of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, a new Koopa introduced known as the Shady Koopa can perform it while it's flipped over. Koopley, the father of Koops, mentions on teaching this ability to his son to after Hooktail was defeated, when the player revisits Petalburg later in the game. Though he finds out a little after his dialog that Koops already knew how to use it before the events of raiding Hooktail Castle.

Notable Koopas who can perform Power ShellEdit

  • Kooper
  • Kent C. Koopa
  • Koops
  • Shellshock (or Shady Koopa. Only when flipped on his back.)
  • Koopley (Possibly)

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