Prince mush

Prince Mush, the former Glitz Pit champion

Prince Mush is Jolene's younger brother. His family was poor, so Mush decided to become a fighter to support it. Prince Mush eventually became champion, and helped his family out. But, one day, Mush accidentally saw Grubba's Secret Machine. Grubba didn't want anyone knowing about his machine, so he sucked the energy out of Mush. Mush went into the third Crystal Star, and no one but Grubba knew about it. Jolene suspected that he or someone else at the Glitz Pit might have done this to her younger brother, so she got a job as a secretary for Grubba. Jolene snooped around tying to find clues about her brother's whereabouts. She found nothing, but when Mario arrived at the Glitz Pit, she saw it as an opportunity to change that. She masqueraded as 'X' and send Mario e-mails of what to do. Jolene's suspicions turned out to be correct - Grubba was behind Mush's disappearance. After Mario defeated Macho Grubba, Jolene arrived and told Mario about her brother. Prince Mush then shot out of the Crystal Star, confused as to where he was.

Jolene head‎ Glitz Pit Fighters Jolene head reverse
Champion: The Great Gonzales
Former Champions: Rawk Hawk · Prince Mush
Major League Characters: The Koopinator · Hamma Jamma · Bamma · Flare · Craw-Daddy · Shellshock · Spiky Joe
Major League Teams: Chomp Country · The Fuzz · Magikoopa Masters · Shellshockers · Poker Faces · Tiny Spinies
Minor League Characters: Cleftor · Bandy Andy · Master Crash · King K. · Sir Swoop
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Minor League Replacement Teams: Wings of Night · Destructors


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