Professor Frankly is an intelligent archaeologist and historian who helps Mario in his quest in finding the Seven Crystal Stars in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He lives in one of the buildings near Rogueport, next to Merlin (the person who accepts Shine Sprites in exchange for leveling up partners). From the very beginning of the game, Frankly is introduced as Goombella's professor. He was a teacher of Kolorado in his college years. He supplies Mario and co. with information about the Crystal Stars, helping them throughout the entire game. Near the end of the game, he gets captured by the Shadow Sirens and taken to the Palace of Shadow.


  • In Super Paper Mario, one of the things on Francis' to-buy list is a radio-controlled Professor Frankly.
  • If you miss any Tattles they will appear in his trash bin once the respective chapter is completed.
  • Professor Frankly's design seems like it could've been based off of Goombario's. Seeing as he shares similar teeth with him.
  • Near the beginning of the game when Frankly was trying to remember Goombella, the names he was guessing, Goombriel and Elizagoom, might be the names of some of his former students.
  • On the top right of Frankly's shelf, it shows the correct pattern of the part in the Great Tree where you switch columns to show a sun, moon, a Puni, and a star, before getting the Super Boots.
  • Professor Frankly breaks the fourth while telling the "person in front of the TV" to listen carefully about what he has to say about The Thousand-Year Door.

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