Putrid piranha2

A Putrid Piranha in Paper Mario

A Putrid Piranha is a giant Piranha Plant with foul smelling poisonous breath. They have very high health and are usually seen in tropical regions. Like all other Piranha plants, their main attack is biting. The power of their bad breath is only two, but if undefended or without a Feeling Fine badge, Mario will be poisoned and his health will gradually decrease. Putrid Piranhas have a tendency to fall asleep very easily. It just so happens they sleep with their mouths open, exposing their bad breath.

Paper MarioEdit

They face you, so you don't have to worry when jumping on them.


  • Putrid Piranhas in the first installment appeared to look like an ordinary Piranha Plant.
  • In Super Paper Mario, once killed they'll always drop an item that cures poison. Therefore, it is a good enemy for item grinding.

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