The Ragged Diary is an item that is owned by Ghost T. in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It was lost by Ghost T. on the Excess Express. He was afraid that someone would read it. Even when he died, he still never found it.

It is later found by Mario. If he reads it, he will be cursed with an automatic Game Over. If he returns it, he will get a blanket from Ghost T. to give to the Excess Express Conductor.

The writing that Mario gets to read is this:

    Month X Day X Cloudy
    I got on a train today,
    And on that train...

Mario is yelled at and cursed by Ghost T. after reading that much of the Diary, and recieves and automatic Game Over. It is uknown if any more of the diary is in the game's code, or if you can disable the trigger with some sort of modding or hacking tool, but it is more likely all that was written was the three lines seen above.


A similar entry was written by a drayer named Chuckie about how he got his Wawa.

Month May Day 20 Cloudy

I got on a train today, and on that train, I was thinking about my mom, Melinda. I knew all the activities I spent with her and how she means of her.