The Return Postage Badge is the "treasure" at the bottom of the pit of 100 trials -- being the prize for defeating Bonetail whom is found there. It may be sold at the Badge shop in Rogueport for 500 coins, and afterwards has a purchase price of 999 coins.

While equipped it causes Mario to display "counter" status bubble over his head while in battle (similar to how the Zap Tap badge causes Mario to display the electrified status bubble). While under this effect, any enemies that land a direct physical attack on Mario will suffer half of the damage they inflict in addition to the damage they inflict to Mario (round down). NOTE: this badge only affects DIRECT PHYSICAL ATTACKS -- its effect does not activate against indirect or projectile attacks such as lightning or thrown objects. Also there is no "Return Postage P" equivalent badge. The effect of the Return Postage badge is applied to Mario and only Mario.

A strategy to complement this badge is to equip the Double Pain badge.

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