Underwhere river twyx
The River Twygz is a huge river in the Underwhere. It is strangely a brighter slightly purple color near the top, but more dark blue near the bottom. A strange man whose name is Charold will offer to take you accross the river for 4 coins. Though the river is swimmable, it is sometimes best to do this and avoid the Underhands in the river. Also, the Underhands are based on the souls that pulled you into the river.


  • The river's name and appearance are based off of the River Styx from Greek mythology. In addition, the man who helps you cross, Charold, is based off of Charon (also from Greek mythology), who would help one cross the River Styx.
  • The Underhands have no HP (beacuse they are already dead) so they cannot be harmed.

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