Riverside Station
Riverside Station is the only train station where the Excess Express stops, in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The station is also the home of a large swarm of Smorgs, and its interior appears to have been abandoned for quite some time. During the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, an unknown person (or possibly the Smorgs) lifts the Riverside Station drawbridge, which the Excess Express needs to cross. A Riverside worker tells Mario of the dilemma and gives him the Station Key. Using his newly acquired Ultra Boots, Mario must hit the switch inside the train station to activate the drawbridge, allowing the bridge to fall into place so the Excess Express can continue on its voyage. As aforementioned, the station seems to be completely abandoned as it is inhabited by many enemies and contains no signs of recent activity inside, although it does have two known workers. It is possible people left the station because of the Smorgs or the other enemies that invaded. There used to be a river running under the bridge here (hence the name "Riverside Station"); however, the river later dried up at an unknown time before Mario visited Riverside Station and had apparently become a pasture by the time Mario arrived. It is possible that Riverside Station is located around a growing area of Dry, Dry Desert.

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