Rogueport is the world hub of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. This town is where Mario travels at the beginning of the game to meet up with Princess Peach, but instead ends up searching all over the Mushroom Kingdom for both her and the Crystal Stars. Some notable areas in Rogueport include the home of Zess T., where Mario can cook items he has bought / found; the home of Professor Frankly, who assists Mario in his search for the Crystal Stars throughout the game; the Pianta Parlor, where Mario can play games to earn items; the item shops, where various items can be purchased; and the Badge Shop, where Mario can find a steady supply of badges. Furthermore, Rogueport is where Mario can meet Luigi throughout the game, and get updates about Luigi's whereabouts during Mario's quest. Finally, Rogueport is connected to every area in the game through various means, ranging from pipes to planes to teleporters, providing quick transportation to and from distant locations. A man who goes by Charlieton will sometimes be outside the item shop, selling rare items and badges.