“Choppy bubbly YUMMMM!! Put it in your TUMMMMM! Wait one second and...”Saffron, Super Paper Mario

Saffron is a chef in Super Paper Mario. She lives in Flipside and is the counterpart of Dyliss, the chef of Flopside. Saffron has her own shop in Flipside, the Sweet Smiles Cafe, where she cooks food. Saffron can only use one ingredient and Dyliss only two, so both of them combine to make up the "chef" role. The chef of Paper Mario was Tayce T. and the chef of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is Zess T.. The past two chefs can eventually cook using one or two ingredients, unlike Saffron and Dyliss.

In the game after Chapter One, Mario and Merlon find an unconsience Princess Peach. Merlon tells Mario to ask Saffron to make a Spicy Soup, guaranteed to wake her up. Mario asks Saffron, but Saffron tells Mario that he needs to find a Fire Burst, avaliable for purchase in Howzit's item shop of Flipside. Once Mario brings the Fire Burst to Saffron, Saffron makes the Spicy Soup. Mario feeds it to Peach, who wakes up and then joins the heroes.

According to Carson, Merlon was once in love with Saffron. Merlon said that he loved her, but Saffron wanted him to prove it. She tested his love by making him a Saffron Special Galactic Meal, an enormous meal to behold. This meal was incredibly filling, and he could only finish it if he truly loved her. Merlon had finished all but a pit of parsley when he heard that an injured girl had appeared in Flipside. He rushed off to take care of her, and the parsley was left ever since.