The Sapphire Star is the fifth Crystal Star obtained in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


The Sapphire Star, like the other Crystal Stars, was created by the Shadow Queen as powerful objects that could be used to rule the world. The Koopa hero who held it was eventually robbed by Cortez the pirate king and sealed in a black chest which was kept in Cortez's cave. In his quest for the Crystal Stars, Mario learned of the Sapphire Star's whereabouts. With help from Flavio and Podley, Mario was able to get the help of Admiral Bobbery to get to Keelhaul Key. However, once there Bobbery, Lord Crump and a Toad were lost. Mario found all three, but Bobbery seemed to die after saving the others from the Embers. Mario realized that Bobbery was only sleeping, and the Bob-omb was revived by a Chuckola Cola and recruite to join Mario's Party as a Partner. With Bobbery's help he was able to get into the Pirate's Grotto. Deep in the cave he found the Black Skull. Inside the ship, he confronted Cortez and emerged victorious. Cortez willingly let Mario have the Sapphire Star which he did not really like anyway... but that wasn't the end. Once Mario got outside, Lord Crump revealed himself! Flavio successfully got Cortez's help, and Mario vanquished Crump and took the Sapphire Star to the Thousand-Year Door, where it glowed brightly and revealed the Garnet Star's whereabouts. It and the other Crystal Stars later went to everywhere Mario had been to rally support. The Sapphire Star went to Keelhaul Key where Pa-Patch and some Toads cheered Mario on.


After obtaining the Sapphire Star, more skills became available to Mario. His Star Power increased from five to six, and he learned the special move Sweet Feast.

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