Scarlette was a Bob-omb. She was the wife of Admiral Bobbery. She died of a virus while Bobbery was out at sea. After her death, Bobbery vowed never to go to sea ever again, because he felt it was his fault she died. She wrote a letter on her deathbed, that was delivered to Bobbery by Mario. Her life and importance to Bobbery are revealed throughout the build-up to and journey to Keelhaul Key.

The Letter to BobberyEdit

My love, if you are reading this letter, then I am no longer by your side. Because fate has stepped between us, I have decided to write you this letter. If you're reading this, I must have passed away while you were out to sea... I can only assume that you will blame yourself for it, my sweet Bobbery. Although my life was short, you gave me more than a lifetime's worth of joy. Though you will mourn, I beg that you remember that time, like love, is a tide. You are one with the sea, as you were one with me. Do not lose both your life's loves.