Shady Koopas are a more powerful version of the regular Koopa Troopas, having a pale blue shell and light-gray skin (instead of the normal red shell and yellow skin found on normal Koopa Troopas). Their attacks are exactly the same as their regular red counterparts, with the exception of their special Power Shell attack, which can be executed only by these Koopas, even while they are on their backs. Mario encounters only one Shady Koopa outside of battle, a member of the fighting group Shellshock found in the Glitz Pit. Though similar to regular koopas, the Shady Koopas are a significant foe not to be taken lightly.


In game battle


  • If the player executes the B-Action Command when a Shady Koopa performs the power shell against him, if timed correctly, the Shady Koopa will take damage and walk backwards while on his feet just for a slight second and back into position on its back.