Shaman is a clan that only include fortune tellers. Basic Shaman can be found in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. As for Merlon and the others, they are given those names by there abilitys. For instance, Merlee always gives you a charm, but they all look different, meaning they got that name from that power they have. They are also known as the Clan of Ancients.


Merlons are found in all three Paper Mario games. He can up partners ranks for Shine Sprites


For some coins, she charms you here are the effects:

  • More Star Points
  • Decrease damage taken
  • Attack go up
  • More coins after a battle


Merluvlee is a fortune teller. For some coins she can tell you were to go next, Star Piece locations and Shine Sprite locations.

Chet RippoEdit

Although his name doesn't start with Merl he could be consided a Shaman. He adjusts Mario's and his Partner's ranks for 39 coins


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