Shell toss
Not to be confused with the move performed by a Paratroopa, see Shell Shot.

Shell Toss is an initial move only performed by a Koopa species. A Koopa uses his shell as a weapon by retreating inside it and launching himself towards the enemy or player. Since the Shell Toss can only target the closest enemy, it cannot attack an enemy behind the other or any airborne enemies. However, a similar move known as Power Shell which has the same attack power can be performed to attack every single ground enemy.

Notable Koopas who can perform Shell TossEdit

  • Koopa Troopa (Enemy. Any but a Paratroopa type)
  • Kooper (Ally)
  • Koops (Ally)
  • Chan (Ally npc / Mini-Bboss)
  • Buzzy Beetle (Enemy)
  • Spiny (Enemy. Similar to shell toss.)