Shiver City is a location from the first Paper Mario video game in Chapter 7: A Star Spirit On Ice. Mario can access Shiver City by using Sushie in Toad Town Tunnels. The main ethnicity is penguins.

Chapter 7: A Star Spirit on IceEdit

When Mario arrives in Shiver City, he is prohibited from leaving the city, due to a new regulation put up by the mayor, being that no-one can leave without the mayor's permission, due to rumors of a monster (which turns out to be a group of Star Kids) and a troublemaker (which turns out to be Jr. Troopa). When Mario goes to get permission, he discovers the Mayor is unconscious. However, Mayor Penguin is mistaken for being dead, and Mario is seen as the killer. Mario then locates Herringway (prompted by a clue from the "dead" mayor) who clears his name. Mario later returns to Shiver City so that the mayor can provide him with a Scarf which helps him open Crystal Palace.

If Mario stays in the Toad House after opening Crystal Palace, the snowmen who he gave a hat and scarf to will leave him 4 Super Shrooms and an Ultra Shroom. Also, one of the penguins will comment on whichever award Mario has received from The Master in The Dojo, and also, the Attack FX E, is right there, after you go from the west, and go from the right room, from nearing the North, When you pass a Bumpty right there, now to go open the window, now Jump on the Balcony, and go from the Right Window, the badge is right there.