Shiver Mountain in a huge snow-capped mountain on the north-east side of the Mushroom Kingdom in Paper Mario. At the summit is the legendary Crystal Palace and the last Star Spirit. The mountain is between Shiver City and Starborn Valley, and in the middle of Shiver Snowfield. A line of snowmen guards the hidden passage to the mountain, and the bucket and scarf will need to be collected before the climb. The entire way up are thin walkways near cliffs, and covered with White Clubbas and Gulpits. Several puzzles block the way, including a couple of Duplighosts and the use of the Star Stone. On the way up Mario will meet Madam Merlar in a secret crystal chamber. Once Mario activates the Star Stone the room will be permanently blocked off by a stairway made of ice.

Enemies FoundEdit

Area TattlesEdit

  • This is Shiver Mountain. This is a very cold, dangerous climb. Be careful. OK, Mario?
  • I feel like we're on the edge of the world up here. Seriously! This is a really remote place to go adventuring!
  • Boy, climbing this mountain is really hard! You'd think the path to a palace dedicated to the Stars would be a lot less trying on the legs.
  • Walk carefully up here or else you may slip, Mario. That would be a long, long way down, huh?
  • What a strange place this is! It's bright even in the cave... This must be the small cave that Merle told us about. There's something strange about this place... Even the walls seem suspicious to me for some reason.
  • This is the door to the Crystal Palace. We can get in from here. It must've been tough to get building materials up here! Don't you think it would've been more convenient if they had built it at a lower elevation?